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REGISTER RESTAURANT FOR FOOD IN TRAIN Apply here to register your restaurant for food in train delivery of online orders. You will become food vendor for e-Catering services by following the guidelines shared by IRCTC. Please fill up this form and get your restaurant listed and expand your business.

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Relfood enables you get more revenue, new customers, and boost your brand visibility.

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Food in Train Vendor Tie-up

Vendor Registration with RelFood: Join as a Partner and Reach Train Passengers with IRCTC e-Catering

Are you a restaurant owner or food provider looking to expand your business and reach train passengers? RelFood is your gateway to partnering with IRCTC e-Catering, and we invite you to register as a vendor through our seamless registration process. As an authorized partner of IRCTC e-Catering, RelFood offers a valuable opportunity to showcase your culinary offerings to a vast audience of train travelers. Let's explore the vendor registration process and the benefits of joining hands with RelFood.

Seamless Registration Process: Getting started as a vendor with RelFood is quick and easy. Visit our website (www.relfood.com) and navigate to the vendor registration page. Fill in the necessary details such as your restaurant name, location, contact information, and any specific requirements or preferences. Our user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free registration experience.

Wide Reach of Train Passengers: Partnering with RelFood gives you access to a wide and captive audience of train passengers. With IRCTC e-Catering's vast network of trains, your culinary offerings have the potential to reach passengers traveling across various routes and destinations. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your food to a diverse range of customers.

Boost Your Revenue: By becoming a vendor with RelFood, you can tap into a new revenue stream and expand your customer base. Train travelers are often in search of quality and convenient food options during their journeys. By offering your food through RelFood's platform, you can cater to this demand and increase your revenue potential.

Enhanced Visibility and Brand Exposure: Partnering with RelFood provides you with increased visibility and brand exposure. Your restaurant's offerings will be featured on our platform, reaching a large audience of train passengers actively seeking food options. This exposure can help you establish your brand presence, gain recognition, and attract more customers to your restaurant.

Reliable and Trustworthy Partnership: RelFood is an authorized partner of IRCTC e-Catering, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy partnership. We adhere to IRCTC e-Catering's guidelines and standards, maintaining the highest level of professionalism and quality. As a registered vendor, you can be confident that your association with RelFood is backed by a reputable partnership.

Dedicated Support and Assistance: At RelFood, we value our vendor partners and provide dedicated support throughout the process. Our team is available to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. We strive to ensure a smooth and successful collaboration, offering assistance with menu management, order fulfillment, and any other requirements you may need.

Join RelFood as a vendor today and unlock the potential of reaching train passengers with IRCTC e-Catering. Our seamless registration process, wide reach, revenue opportunities, enhanced visibility, and reliable partnership make us the ideal platform for expanding your business. Register now and take the first step toward reaching a new audience of train travelers.

RelFood is an authorized partner of IRCTC e-Catering, providing vendor registration services and other collaborations in accordance with their guidelines and standards.

FAQs on Food in Train Vendor Registration

Q.1 - How can a restaurant become food vendor with IRCTC?

Restaurant owners can become food vendor for IRCTC e-Catering services. Get your restaurant listed with official aggregator Relfood. Follow process mentioned on the website or call +919713231323 for more information. Expand your business by serving online food orders to train passengers.

Q.2 - How can cloud kitchens tie-up with IRCTC as food vendor?

You can tie-up your cloud kitchens with IRCTC if it fulfils all mandatory criteria of e-Catering vendor onboarding. Grown your business by delivering online food orders of train passengers. To register your kitchen for listing fill the information form on the website or call at +919713231323 for more details.

Q.3 - What documents are required to become food vendor to deliver online food orders in train?

Please submit following to register your restaurant or kitchen as food vendor on e-Catering in trains: -

  1. Valid FSSAI certificate,
  2. GST compliance,
  3. Photo of kitchen, sitting area and restaurant facade,
  4. Distance from Railway Station,
  5. Photograph of menu card with prices.
For more details, please fill up the information form or call at +919713231323.

Q.4 - How much time it takes to become food vendor for IRCTC e-Catering in trains?

It takes between 4 days to 4 weeks to get approved for listing on IRCTC e-Catering platform for delivering online food orders in trains. Please ensure that you submit complete and correct list of documents and photographs.

Q.5 - How to get top listing on e-Catering food on train page?

Listing on top of the page as a vendor restaurant on IRCTC e-Catering depends upon ratings given by customers. These ratings are given by passengers after every order delivery of food in train. Higher the rating, higher would be the listing on top of the page.