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Check your coach position with confidence using RelFood's user-friendly website. As an authorized partner of IRCTC e-Catering, we prioritize accuracy and reliability, ensuring a smoother and more organized journey for our users. Experience the convenience and reliability of RelFood as your trusted partner for coach information and other travel services.

Disclaimer: RelFood is an authorized partner of IRCTC e-Catering, providing coach position information and other services in accordance with their guidelines and standards.

FAQs on Train Coach Position Number

Q.1 - How to check coach position of a train?

Follow the steps mentioned below to check the coach position of a train as per Indian Railways time-table.

  1. Click on `Coach Position` button on Relfood Website,
  2. Type your train name or number in the search box displayed,
  3. A new page will open displaying coach position of the train enquired.
Please note that coach position is mostly mentioned in the SMS received from IRCTC with ticket details as well. Coach position can change at the last minute without any prior notice.

Q.2 - Is the information provided on coach position always correct?

We display coach position of a train based on previous records and occurrence history. Sometimes due to last minute changes, it is noticed that there are changes in the position without any prior communication. Therefore, we always advise to reach the station at-least 30 minutes before the arrival of train. Check the announcement or displayed notice so that there is always sufficient time for you to move to the desired platform comfortably.

Q.3 - Are all the coaches of a train interlinked?

In most of the trains, coaches are connected to each other for the convenience of movement of passengers and railway staff. But in some cases, this connectivity is either restricted (Example – AC First class or Executive Class) or non-availability of connected coaches.

Q.4 - Can passengers enter pantry car in a train?

It is not allowed to enter Pantry Cars (Coaches) for passengers in Indian Railways. Pantry Car is normally in the middle of a train coach sequence so that the Pantry staff can access all other coaches of the train easily for serving purposes.