Relfood Platform Locator

Check Platform Locator

Platform number of a train means the platform on which a train would arrive at every station. Every train has a specific platform number location on every station. You can check platform number position of your train here. Just enter train name of number in the box below to view the complete list. This number can change at the last minute without any prior notice.

FAQs On Train Platform Locator

Q.1 - How to check platform number of a train?

Follow the below mentioned steps to know platform number of a train.

  • 1. Click on "Platform Locator" button on Relfood Website,
  • 2. Type your train number or name in the b
  • 3. A new page will open to show platform number of the train on every station.

Please note that platform number of a train can change at the last minute without notice.

Q.2 - How can we check platform number of a train before arrival?

We try to display platform number of a train based on train’s timetable. Sometimes it is noticed that there can be changes in the platform number without any prior notice. Therefore, we always advise to reach the station at-least 30 minutes before the actual status announced or displayed at Railway Station so that there is always sufficient time for you to move to the desired platform with ease.