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IRCTC Food Order - Buy fresh, hygienic food delivered to your train seat
Hey fellow travelers! Ready to spice up your train ride? Welcome to RelFood's IRTCC Food Order party! We're here to make your journey not just about the destination, but also about the delicious treats along the way.
FASSAI Approved Awesomeness:

RelFood rolls with the best - FASSAI approved joints! Your meals are not only tasty; they are also top notch in terms of safety and hygiene. It's like having a foodie guardian angel in your dorms.

Veg, Non-Veg, as per your choice:

Craving a vegetarian mood or craving some non-veg goodness? RelFood has a menu that will make your taste buds dance. Whatever you're in the mood for, we bring freshness and flavor to your seat.

Order? Easy Peasy:

No rocket science here. Ordering through RelFood is as easy as ordering your favorite pizza. Browse our website (https://relfood.com/), download the app or call us at 97-1323-1323. We're all about making it easy so you can focus on the joy of driving.

We deliver freshness every time:

RelFood is not doing average. Each dish is made with care, ensuring that the freshness and flavor hits you with every bite. Get ready for a train journey full of tasty moments and good mood.

RelFood – We are your train BFF:

When it comes to IRCTC food adventures, RelFood has got your back. We get it – your journey is more than just tracks and stations. It's about enjoying the ride and we're here to make it tasty and memorable.

Hungry? Order now:

Feeling those hunger pangs? Immerse yourself in RelFood's *IRCTC Food Order* experience. Call us at 97-1323-1323 or visit our website and let us turn your train adventure into a feast. Because good food and train rides? That's a combination worth tasting!