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Checking PNR status is an important aspect of train travel, as it allows passengers to know the status of their reservation, including their seat or berth number, coach number, and whether the ticket is confirmed or on a waitlist.

RelFood, a popular food delivery service on Indian trains, offers an easy and convenient way for passengers to check their PNR status. The website provides a simple interface where passengers can enter their PNR number and get immediate information about their reservation status.

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To check PNR status online on relfood, passengers can follow these steps:

  • Visit the RelFood website and navigate to the PNR status page.
  • Enter the 10-digit PNR number provided on their ticket and click "Check Status."
  • The website will then display the current status of the reservation, including the seat or berth number, coach number, and whether the ticket is confirmed, on a waitlist, or RAC (reservation against cancellation).
  • Passengers can also view other details such as the train name and number, journey date, boarding station, and destination station.

In addition to the website, RelFood also offers a mobile app that allows passengers to check their PNR status on the go. The app provides the same information as the website and is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

Overall, checking PNR status on the RelFood website is a quick and easy way for train passengers to stay informed about their reservation status. With just a few clicks, passengers can access important information about their train journey and plan accordingly.

FAQ on PNR Number Status Enquiry

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about checking PNR status on RelFood's website:

Q.1 - What is a PNR number?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a 10-digit unique identifier assigned to every train ticket booking in India.

Q.2 - Where can I find my PNR number?

Your PNR number is printed on your train ticket, either in the top left corner or bottom right corner.

Q.3 - How do I check my PNR status on RelFood's website?

To check your PNR status on RelFood's website, simply go to the PNR status page and enter your 10-digit PNR number in the designated field. Click "Check Status" to view your reservation details.

Q.4 - What information will I see when I check my PNR status?

When you check your PNR status on RelFood's website, you will see information about your train journey, including the train name and number, boarding station, destination station, journey date, coach number, and seat or berth number. You will also see the current status of your ticket, such as confirmed, waitlisted, or RAC.

Q.5 - Can I check PNR status for multiple passengers at once?

No, you need to check the PNR status for each individual passenger separately. Each passenger's ticket has a unique PNR number

Q.6 - How often is PNR status updated on RelFood's website?

PNR status is updated in real-time on RelFood's website. As soon as the status changes, it will be reflected on the website.

Q.7 - What should I do if my PNR status shows "waiting list" or "RAC"?

If your PNR status shows "waiting list" or "RAC," it means that your ticket is not confirmed yet. You will need to wait until the final chart is prepared to see if your ticket is confirmed or not. If it remains on the waitlist, you may need to make alternate travel arrangements.

Q.8 - Is it necessary to check PNR status before ordering food on RelFood?

No, it is not necessary to check PNR status before ordering food on RelFood. However, knowing your reservation details can help you plan your meal accordingly and ensure that your food is delivered to the correct seat or berth.