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MAY 28, 2018

Feast to all the Foodies!

Feast to all the Foodies

Soon after RelFood started its services, I was thinking on the most beneficial aspect with this food delivery idea in train journeys. I was struggling for answers even after repeated reviews from our happy customers. So one day, I felt the answer is in what we are serving, i.e. ‘The Food!’

Yes, most of the times when we visit any new place, that’s not our native, we find interest in tasting and experimenting the delicious food of that region. We get to taste them only when we are physically present in that region or if someone from our near and dear brings their special dishes for us to taste, from their region.

Most of the foodies love experimenting different foods of various regions. Each time they come across someone from a different region, they usually love tasting that regions special dish and it’s the only delicious thing that any foodie can ask for. So the point is to enjoy experiencing the tastes of various food items from different regions.

Now, have you ever wondered if the curious stomach can also be satisfied with this enthusiasm of experimenting different tastes, when in train journey? There you are already. RelFood provides you with this option of experiencing the food tastes of different regions even when in a train journey.

Supposedly, you are traveling by train to a longer distance. It usually takes many hours, In fact sometimes even days to reach your point. You get to spend most of the travel time, crossing various regions, until you reach your destination. You also have to fill your hungry stomach time to time.

Now, this is a point where you can quickly take your phone into your hands to download our app or just can log on to our website at http://www.relfood.com to order your choice of experimenting food in simple steps. Just choose the locality where your train is exactly running and choose the food from the nearest station available. This way you can encounter a delicious chance to enjoy experimenting the tastes of varieties of food from the available RelFood restaurants and the original dishes of that particular region. I know, excitement overloaded for all the foodies over there!

Don’t wait; Just order your choice of experimenting dish in just simple steps. Happy tummies!

Divya Vallabhaneni
Rel Food

APRIL 23, 2018

Now starving in rail journeys is a ‘NO NO’!

Now starving in rail journeys is a ‘NO NO

Tell me who don’t love traveling? I enjoy it the most and the relaxation, refreshment and rejoice one gets with travel isn’t just limited to words, it’s mostly an experience. One should encounter to understand that feeling.

So I was thinking on relating this emotion of, experiencing this travel enjoyment, with adding some food in it. Most of the time when we usually plan a trip with family, friends or sometimes may be a single trip with the self. One would first prepare themselves with packing the required things for the trip. Later comes, the food, coz after relaxing yourselves while in the journey, the tummy knocks your head asking its favorite menu

Especially while on a train journey, we normally order food, from something that is available in the running train or buy from what’s available from the resting station. But the hungry tummy would only settle for something that is yummy and not for anything less than that.

But sometimes you have to settle for what’s available and most of the time we do follow this while traveling by train. What’s all available from the pantry car is served to us and if we forget to pack our food before starting from homes, or if you have no one to bid you happy journey at any coming stations, then you are left with no option, other than the pantry car to satisfy your starving stomach.

You are just left with limited options to choose from the same pantry car menu, depending on the time of your journey and settle for something that’s not so yummy. But what if you have an option of choosing your favorite food from the nearest restaurants and your ordered food getting delivered to your seats? This itself sounds delicious huh?

Not just sounding, but serving the same delicious food is even possible with us. So, real food does this job, of saving your hungry tummy, by providing your favorite menu at your seats directly in a short estimated time. All you need to do is to log in to our website at http://www.relfood.com to order your favorite food in simple steps. Don’t just settle from what’s available in the pantry car. Slide from our menu to soothe your starving stomach. Happy Tummies!

Divya Vallabhaneni
Rel Food

MARCH 22, 2018

The Food Equation

The Food Equation

Someone asked me during a discussion, “What actually makes someone satisfied?” There were many answers from the people involved in that discussion. Someone told ‘a lot of money’, another said, ‘a love marriage’, some other said, ‘reaching their passion’ and finally one person happened to say ‘FOOD” and I’m stuck there.

I then literally started to think on that answer. Exactly, I felt what he said was true. Though there are many other things, moments and blessings that make a person happy, yet prior to these stands ‘food’. Coz everything that makes you feel happy might not satisfy you immediately. But here comes food, which actually will make you happy and satisfied immediately.

You might want to experience many joyous moments throughout your life and yet feel something missing and still wish for having few other things. Whereas, the experience you encounter after having food can’t be compared to anything else either. You might want to have more of anything and everything even though you are having it or have had it already. But ‘food’ is something differently related with this. Once you are full, you are filled with satisfaction. And imagine double happiness like that off in the Cadbury dairy milk shots ad??

i.e. “Food + Favorite food = Satisfaction +Double Happiness.”

That moment of happiness and satisfaction is what I say, is required. Talking about requirements, these might vary quite a lot. And imagine you wanted to experience this requirement while you are with your family or your friends or with yourself on a train journey? You actually will be happy after having food and adding more to that is your favorite food, that too when the requirement is quite different- ‘a train journey’.

And now we enter, coz we at Rel Food are always dedicated to leaving our customers with happy tummy’s and satisfied taste buds, and hence is this online service to reach out our hungry customers and then turn them into happy customers, by delivering their choice of delicious food at their seats while in a train journey.

Because there is always something to be thankful for and we want to make it possible with ‘food’. Download the app now or log in to our website at http://www.relfood.com and experience our equation of double happiness.

Divya Vallabhaneni
Rel Food




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