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The Food Equation

Sunday, October 30, 2022 | Relfood Train Food Delivery Service

Someone asked me during a discussion, “What actually makes someone satisfied?” There were many answers from the people involved in that discussion. Someone told ‘a lot of money’, another said, ‘a love marriage’, some other said, ‘reaching their passion’ and finally one person happened to say ‘FOOD” and I’m stuck there.

I then literally started to think on that answer. Exactly, I felt what he said was true. Though there are many other things, moments and blessings that make a person happy, yet prior to these stands ‘food’. Coz everything that makes you feel happy might not satisfy you immediately. But here comes food, which actually will make you happy and satisfied immediately.

You might want to experience many joyous moments throughout your life and yet feel something missing and still wish for having few other things. Whereas, the experience you encounter after having food can’t be compared to anything else either. You might want to have more of anything and everything even though you are having it or have had it already. But ‘food’ is something differently related with this. Once you are full, you are filled with satisfaction. And imagine double happiness like that off in the Cadbury dairy milk shots ad??

i.e. “Food + Favorite food = Satisfaction +Double Happiness.”

That moment of happiness and satisfaction is what I say, is required. Talking about requirements, these might vary quite a lot. And imagine you wanted to experience this requirement while you are with your family or your friends or with yourself on a train journey? You actually will be happy after having food and adding more to that is your favorite food, that too when the requirement is quite different- ‘a train journey’.

And now we enter, coz we at Rel Food are always dedicated to leaving our customers with happy tummy’s and satisfied taste buds, and hence is this online service to reach out our hungry customers and then turn them into happy customers, by delivering their choice of delicious food at their seats while in a train journey.

Because there is always something to be thankful for and we want to make it possible with ‘food’. Download the app now or log in to our website at http://www.relfood.com and experience our equation of double happiness.

Divya Vallabhaneni
Rel Food