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Now starving in rail journeys is a ‘NO NO’!

Sunday, October 30, 2022 | Relfood Train Food Delivery Service

Tell me who don’t love traveling? I enjoy it the most and the relaxation, refreshment and rejoice one gets with travel isn’t just limited to words, it’s mostly an experience. One should encounter to understand that feeling.

So I was thinking on relating this emotion of, experiencing this travel enjoyment, with adding some food in it. Most of the time when we usually plan a trip with family, friends or sometimes may be a single trip with the self. One would first prepare themselves with packing the required things for the trip. Later comes, the food, coz after relaxing yourselves while in the journey, the tummy knocks your head asking its favorite menu

Especially while on a train journey, we normally order food, from something that is available in the running train or buy from what’s available from the resting station. But the hungry tummy would only settle for something that is yummy and not for anything less than that.

But sometimes you have to settle for what’s available and most of the time we do follow this while traveling by train. What’s all available from the pantry car is served to us and if we forget to pack our food before starting from homes, or if you have no one to bid you happy journey at any coming stations, then you are left with no option, other than the pantry car to satisfy your starving stomach.

You are just left with limited options to choose from the same pantry car menu, depending on the time of your journey and settle for something that’s not so yummy. But what if you have an option of choosing your favorite food from the nearest restaurants and your ordered food getting delivered to your seats? This itself sounds delicious huh?

Not just sounding, but serving the same delicious food is even possible with us. So, real food does this job, of saving your hungry tummy, by providing your favorite menu at your seats directly in a short estimated time. All you need to do is to log in to our website at http://www.relfood.com to order your favorite food in simple steps. Don’t just settle from what’s available in the pantry car. Slide from our menu to soothe your starving stomach. Happy Tummies!

Divya Vallabhaneni
Rel Food